Solid Rock Stoneworks Innocence Angel Stone Statue 13in Tall Decorative Sculpture Marble Tone Color

Bring a purely beautiful element to your garden décor with this Athens Marble Tone Innocence Statue. The soft features, peaceful expression, and flowing robes make this heavenly adornment a welcome addition to any setting. This cherub appears to be lost in thought, with hands clasped and the head angled slightly downward. A bare foot peeking out from beneath the gown indicates a bit of movement, while raised and depressed sections at the base evoke the natural world. Detailed feathers on the extended wings form a truly remarkable figure, and its ivory hints above the gray base add to the ethereal feel. Rest this angel on a level surface, as its flat base creates a significant support. Its concrete construction looks fantastic in the home or in your garden, and will weather perfectly outdoors through the warm months. Move it indoors in winter for added durability. Celebrate the heavens in your yard or living room with this Marble Tone Innocence Statue.

Each item is hand cast with an artisan finish and each item may vary slightly in terms of color and texture. Due to the inherent nature of stonecasting, small scuff marks, scratches, and chips are to be expected and add to each item’s unique character.

Dimensions: 5″L x 6.25″W x 12.75″H
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: concrete

Product Features

  • Cherubic, concrete figure for adorning your garden
  • Off white and gray hues perfectly evoke marble
  • Extended wings and a long robe evoke an angel
  • Concrete construction lasts for many seasons
  • Level base makes placement simple

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